Sunday, May 3, 2009

Learn Bangla With Me!

I now have the privilage of being able to say "hello" and "thank you" in over five languages! I have been enjoying this opportunity to learn a new language, and so I thought I would share some of my new vocabulary with you. (Note: all Bangla words are written according to how they sound)

Hello- Asalam walakem (Note: this is similar to Arabic, but with a 'w'. This is a primarily Muslim country, so there are a lot of Arabic words and sayings that have crept into everyday language. N'shallah is another saying used often, meaning "god willing")

How are you? Tumi kamon acho?

I am good. Ami valo ache.

My name is Natalie. Amar nam natalie (or natalee, or natali, or natilee)

See you later. Abar dekha hobe.

What did you have for breakfast? Tumi sokale ki diya nasta korecha?

I had bread (which is more like tortillas), eggs, and tea. A mi ruti, dim, abong cha keyechi.

What is happening? Ki hoche? (Note: I don't actually know what verb tense this is, but if I ask it, people tend to explain to me what is going on.)

I don't understand. Tumi ki bolcha ami bujhi nai.

No need-Lugbena (for example, when Kahala asks if she should bring me water to my room, I can say lugbena)

Too hot-koob gorom

Condom-dam koto
Scarf- Orna
Banana- Kola
Pineapple- anarosh

(Note: both the words "brother" and "sister" are used before someone's name as a form of respect and politeness.)
Sister- Apa

Sit here- boukka (or in Sylhetti, Boso)
Come- Asho


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