Saturday, October 31, 2009

What happens in Ecuador on Halloween?

The day that in the States we celebrate as Halloween, here in Ecuador we celebrate as the Day of the Dead. Traditionally, people gather together and drink a special juice called Colada Morada made with fruits and all sorts of spices, and drunk alongside a special kind of bread called Guaguas de Pan (meaning "bread babies" and literally being in the shape of babies.)
Our family spent the afternoon with an long-time friend, Fabiola (pictured below holding a photo of her and her late husband).

After a very big meal, consisting of a lot of meat and juice that tasted a lot like Tang, we got a tour of the awesome back yard. I thought I'd take the opportunity to get pictures of some of the plants new to my world:
Above: can you find the guanabana fruit? The insides are white with black seeds, and can be made into a super tasty juice.

Grapes! The technique I am trying to show above is an arbor over a patio made from barbed wire strung between the roof and tall metal poles. Below, some pretty sweet blue grapes growing on wire hung horizontally along the garden wall.

Below is a very sweet tasting pepper, that seems to me more like a type of cucumber. The flowers however, are just like those on a typical pepper plant.
Below is the chicken range. The roosters were allowed to roam freely, but their chickens and their oh-so-cute and oh-so-elusive chicks were in here. It's not terribly clear, but there are plastic bags hanging around the fenced ceiling and sides to shoo away other birds that like to come in and share the chicken food.Along with the things mentioned above, there were tangy tangerines growing on short plentiful trees, an avocado tree, a long berry bush, cabbage, herbs, and other typical garden plants. It was wonderful to see such an abundance in a backyard after seeing so much cement most of the time. I was especially fond of the large bush of brilliant boganvillea out front and the super cute little dog that accompanied us everywhere.

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