Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday Part Two

Next, we drove through Cotacachi, past some old haciendas, to Santa Rosa - my grandparents' old farm that they owned with Pablo and Nieves. They sold it about 15 years ago, and it has been split into several pieces, but standing where we did, it still looked quite splendid.
Across a deep quebrada and a low valley you could see the mountain Imbabura (above) wearing a skirt of clouds.
Like the farms outside of Riobamba, this one had water ways that wound around, with crossways that could be shut off allowing the water to be directed elsewhere for a while.

The farm was producing all sorts of beautiful things, from grapes (below), to plums and herbs, to guinea pigs and cows, to potatoes and tangerines.

Below you can see the potato field being plowed/weeded by a pair of oxen lead by two men. (Did you know that "janta" means team of oxen in Spanish?) There was also a woman with them, coming along behind, perhaps picking up disturbed potatoes.

To the far left in the above photo, perhaps it is hard to tell, but there are a whole bunch of greenhouses. This area of Ecuador has a very good climate for growing flowers which are mainly exported all around the world.

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