Saturday, September 12, 2009


Traveling long distances with another person is a very different experience than traveling alone. Though we were both tired from a long week of little sleep and lots of preparation, my dad and I had a great time traveling together, eating empanadas in the Miami airport and exclaiming over the majesty of the giant mountains, whose snow-capped peaks rose above the clouds long before we could make out any other details of Ecuador.
We landed in Quito around sunset, and were met by my mom and brother who had arrived two weeks before, and my grandparents (who live there). Lots of warm hugs and big smiles all around. Quito at night is full of sound and twinkling lights, warm air and tropical smells. It feels great to finally be here.
My family has a nice apartment only a few blocks from my grandparents' place. It has many large windows from which you can see a lot of the city and part of Pichincha, the mountain at whose feet the city sits. Yesterday, my dad and I went adventuring around, ate lunch with my grandparents and did errands. I love doing errands in a new city, it's the best way to find the little stores and shortcuts that make cities so interesting.
It is now time for breakfast! Making pancakes here is totally different because all the ingredients are different. My dad had to go buy some eggs in a blue plastic bag for 67 cents and use yogurt because you bet you won't find any buttermilk nearby.

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