Thursday, April 9, 2009


Check out a map of Bangladesh at the Lonely Planet website:

I am, with great excitement, looking forward to my next big trip! In about ten days, I will be heading to Bangladesh to do some anthropological, ethnographical studies. My mother (yet again!) was amazing and helped me set this up, as she was planning a trip herself. I have had the opportunity to be in touch with a project called Projahnmo, which is working in partnership with Save The Children and USAID among others, to work toward lowering neonatal mortality in rural Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a densely populated small South Asian country, bordered by Maynmar and primarily India. It lies right on the Ganges River Delta, and not very high above sea level. It is country that will definitely be severely affected by global warming, as Wikipedia says, “Most parts of Bangladesh are less than 12 metres (39 ft) above the sea level, and it is believed that about 50% of the land would be flooded if the sea level were to rise by a metre (3 ft).” According to the article on Bangladesh in the CIA World Factbook, it has a tropical climate, and I will be there during the “hot, humid summer (March to June).” It goes on to say that most people are Muslim or Hindu, and there is about a 43% literacy rate.

My hope in my studies there, is that I will gain a wider perspective on health and development projects, their effectiveness and methods. It will have to be with great care and self-awareness that I study, and I would love to have conversations and receive advice in this week before I leave.

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