Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm sorry that these pictures turned out so small! Something keeps happening when I try to upload them in a larger size.
This is my best shot (we were driving) of one of the many brick factories that dot the water/field covered landscape. Tamanna explained that the governement demands they be built a certain distance away from towns, and that the tower (which I didn't capture much of) must be 90 meters high. I'm not sure if either of these regulations were met however, at least, I'm not sure how one judges where a town ends around here, because there are people living just about everywhere.

These children found me very interesting. Their big eyes barely blinked as they watched my every move. I felt very self-conscious, and was relieved when my smile was eventually returned with gap-toothed grins.

This picture is how I will always remember Bangladesh. Though it is missing the fisherman/farmer, with his wide, pointed hat, it is how most of rural Sylhet looks.

This is Rajib on the wobbling bamboo bridge. What you can't see in the picture is the crowd of kids in the water beneath him who do not bother with the bridge. One of my favorite observations so far is that people only use umbrellas when the sun is out. Being wet here is just how it is.

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