Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Planting Seedlings!

At one of my permaculture workshops, Ken Greene came to talk to us about local seeds and seed saving. Already enthused, I totally bought into his presentation about Local Seed Libraries. The way these work is that instead of buying your seeds from a big corporate seed seller (like Monsanto) you buy your seeds from a Local Seed Library, buying their local varieties and saving your seeds to strengthen and grow those. Ken started the Hudson Valley Seed Library, which says it "is a homestead-based farm and business devoted to developing a seed production network in our region. Using hand tools and low-tech processes, we cultivate dozens of varieties of agronomic plants on our own farm. We also collaborate with certified organic, certified naturally grown, and other small growers throughout our region to grow additional varieties." Basically, I think they are awesome. I ordered seeds from their (also awesome) website ( and was elated when they arrived a few days ago!

I started some broccoli and sweet basil....

some goldie tomatoes, rainbow swiss chard, and bridge to Paris peppers...and set them all up in our make-shift green house to sprout. I'll direct sow my flowers (zinnias, calendoula, sunflowers, and nasturtiums), cukes, and beans after the last frost (which is around Memorial Day in this area).

I am so excited to be starting the food I eat from seeds that I know where grown in and for this area, by people who love their plants and soil. I am also thrilled to be starting in on a cycle of sustainable food production, the knowledge of which I treasure as a tool of import and value.

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