Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here are a few photos from my week:

Above, the children who come visit me at the guesthouse every lunch time. They live along the road I bike to and from the hospital, and as I come pedaling up to FDC, they grab hold of the back of my bike, or run along side, yelling. They are carrying their old bike tires and sticks (they chase the tire, and use the stick to keep it upright) which is their favorite game next to a great clapping game that involves a lot of jumping.

Above is the baby girl I caught. She will probably not have a name for a month or two, as people hesitate to name their babies when they are this young (because so many babies die in their first two months). She opened her eyes right away.

Below is Dr. Zacharia taking Madame Blandine's blood pressure with the cuff I brought for them. Everyone's blood pressure was taken and everyone thought it was very snazzy. I wish I had brought two, so that both maternities could have one.

Above is a kind of fish/snake, whose name I did not catch. This was one of those times in my life where I would have rather not known what the chunks were in my stew.
Below, water comes mostly in bags here-not bottles.

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