Saturday, January 24, 2009

Learn Morré With Me!!

Note: no one seems quite sure how to spell the Morré words, so I decided to write them out as they sound.
Bonjour/Good morning/buenos dias: neeyeebeogo
Bon soir/Good afternoon/buenos tardes: nezahbray

ça va/how are you/como estas: yeebeogokibare
ça va bien/I'm fine/estoy bien: lafi bala
et la famille/and the family/y la familia?: yir damba

merci/thank you/gracias: barka

viens ici/come here/ven aca: waka
la blanche/the white lady/la gringa: nasara

laisse-moi/let me be, let me go/no me molestas: basmam

arachid/peanut/cacahuet: naguri

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  1. Beautiful children, indeed! The big brother and little brother just shine, don't they? And I especially like the expression on the girl all the way to the left in the children waving photo. Great pix, thanks! Dee