Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can do a prenatal with you, but I can't explain why my eyes are blue

New French words/phrases I use often:

peser: to weigh
bassin: pelvis
ajouter: to add
trouver: to find
amener: to bring a person/animal
apporter: to bring a thing
lampe: flashlight
gonfler/enfler: swell, swollen
carnet: notebook
avortements: abortions (spontaneous or otherwise)
vertiges: nausia/dizziness
saignements: bleeding
sécher: to dry
néant: nothing
réanimé: resuscitated
ça peux aller, ça marche: that works, or that's good
aussitôt/tout de suite: right away
peau: skin
céphaliaue: head first
prochain: next
revenir/retourner: return, come back
decede: dead/died
montre: to show
enseigner: to teach
apprendre: to learn
presque: almost

1 comment:

  1. oh! i need to practice those!
    hey-- can we have a once over on everything you're doing, just in case i want to do it too? the thing is that i really wanna do SOMETHING but the program i really fell in love with it turns out is super expensive. i know i can do it without a program, but i don't know how to go about starting to figure that out. what should i do? you're so cool natalie! i respect you so much and am always impressed with everything you do and want to be just like you. :) well, in a not so copy-cat-y way.
    much love,