Saturday, January 17, 2009

There is no electricity in Saponé. The hospital is primarily solar-powered, with some supplimental gas power. As a result, most of my correspondence will be like this-during my weekend trips back into Ouagadougou.

Please believe me when I say I will write with lots more details soon. A very quick summary would include that I am well, have eaten many things I never had before, have ridden on a motorcycle, gotten a tour of the hospital I will be beginning work at on Monday, been proposed to many times, asked if I have met Obama, and bought a spectacular hat.

Those two buckets represent my shower, sink, and laundry machines at the guest house in Saponé.

Guess which is my toilet in Saponé and which was the toilet in the Paris airport:

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  1. Kewt orange toilet! Those Sapone-ese are so colorful!